Windows 10 PC could soon lock itself when you step away from it

The Windows Central blog is suggesting that a feature called Dynamic Lock, which appears in the list of features for recent test builds of Windows 10, does just that and is being tested by Microsoft ahead of a possible release to the public.

According to the report, Microsoft refers to the feature internally as “Windows Goodbye”, a reference to the existing Windows Hello feature which uses cameras to unlock a PC by facial recognition.

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It’s not known if the Dynamic Lock could use the same technology in reverse – sensing when a user moves away from the screen and locking it – or be set up to detect when the machine is idle and then lock it accordingly.

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Such a feature does already exists in Windows, with PCs locking themselves after a set time period; however, it appears Microsoft is looking to make it more contextual and basing it on user movements.

It has also been suggested that the Lock feature could appear as part of the Creators Update – the next big public update to Windows 10, which is due to arrive in April.

Windows 10 build 15002, which was officially released to insiders earlier this week, comes with this option as well, which is pretty much the confirmation that it’ll be offered in the final release of the Creators Update as well (this is projected to debut in April, so more changes could be made in the coming builds).

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But what’s a bit unexpected, however, is that pausing updates will only be available on Windows 10 Professional, Education, and Enterprise, so if you’re running Windows 10 Home, you won’t be getting this option when the Creators Update goes live.

Even though no reason has been provided for this decision, it’s not that hard to imagine why Microsoft sees no reason to let Windows 10 Home users pause updates

Back in July 2015 when Microsoft announced Windows 10, the company revealed that options to defer updates wouldn’t be offered to those running the Home SKU, explaining that in most of the cases, these are users who’d rather have the system perform the critical tasks all automatically.

This is most likely the reason behind keeping pausing updates a Windows 10 Pro and up-exclusive feature, although there’s no doubt that there are users running this SKU who’d want this feature on their systems as well.

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